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Sponsorship Has Its Privileges

Why Sponsor CX Forums?

Since 2016, CX Forums has built a loyal community of 40,000+ CX brand practitioners, business leaders, industry experts, consultants and agencies who are eager to connect with our sponsors to learn about the latest advances in CX technologies and practices.

Reach thousands of leading brands and professionals who are seeking expertise, guidance and product knowledge about these topics:


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Call Center Management
  • Customer Data Platforms
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Customer Engagement Platforms
  • Customer Research
  • Customer Service Design
  • Consumer Affairs
  • Customer Success Management
  • CRM Platforms
  • HR Management
  • Journey Mapping
  • MarTech
  • Mobile Engagement
  • Omnichannel Management
  • Retail Store Design
  • Social Media
  • Technology
  • User Experience Design
  • User Experience Research

Sponsors can reach an estimated 100,000+ targeted CX professionals. Our events are promoted through email and social media by participating media and association partners, as well as sponsors and speakers. More information on our audiences is included in the prospectus.

CX Forums Presents  Local “Hybrid” Experience Summits

Our flagship local market Experience Summit series is upgrading to a hybrid format. Delegates can attend in-person events or view the simulcast livestream and participate online.

In-person attendance will be limited to 150 tickets, plus speakers and sponsors. Unlimited virtual attendees can view the speakers live and participate in networking during and after the event using our app.

Sponsors for hybrid events will be featured through signage, slides and booth space onsite as well as on the app during the event.

Sponsored Speaking at CX Forums

Limited speaking opportunities are available for sponsors. We limit sponsored speaking spots at our local meetings to no more than 4 total spots per event.

All sponsored speaking spots must have a client-side speaker present along with your company representative.

Sponsors may also sponsor professional speakers, authors, and/or clients without being accompanied by a company representative. This helps add interest and credibility when sharing case studies and stories related to how sponsors helped their clients improve their CX.

While we strongly discourage any selling from the stage, we encourage sponsored speakers to invite the audience to meet them at their exhibit after the talk for Q&A, demos, free trials, drawings, etc.

Livestream Fireside Chat  w/Virtual Networking

Sponsorship is available for the following CX Forums online event types:

  • Fireside Chat: 20-25-minute interview followed by 30 minutes networking in breakout groups
  • Online Workshops: 90 minute hands-on workshops before each CX Forums Executive Summit

Sponsored Workshops

CX Forums offers sponsored online workshops before CX Forums local events.

Online workshop sponsorships include:

– 90 minute workshop using Zoom meeting room
– Technician available during event
– Registration & Reminders

Sponsored workshops are included in the agenda for each CX Forums Experience Summit. CX Forums will promote your workshop on social media and send email invitations to your specific targeted audience.

Note: Attendance at a CX Forums Experience Summit is not required to attend online workshops.


Sponsor Opportunities are Limited… Reserve Your Sponsorship Today!

Take advantage of CX Forums as a unique opportunity to grow your brand’s exposure among a multi-discipline CX-related audience of leaders, experts and practitioners. CX Forums is designed to help CX and UX professionals learn, network and develop relationships with sponsors, attendees, associations and speakers.

Sponsorship of CX Forums is limited on a first-come first-served basis. Multi-event discounts and custom packages are available.

For more info and to arrange your sponsorship, contact Mark Michelson: mark@cxforums.org or call 404-308-7173.

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