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CX Forums is the place for you!

We welcome speaker proposals all year long for CX Forums in-person executive summits and online events. CX Forums Executive Summit’s speaker and topic selection is guided by our local advisory boards in each market.

We’re seeking speakers who are engaging and have something important to share with the CX community. CX Forums prefers to showcase real professionals with real world experience in the customer experience industry. We can provide training resources for speaking if needed.

For our local in-person Executive Summits, we prefer to showcase speakers located in each market. CX Forums does not hire professional speakers or pay for transportation without prior approval.

Coming to a City Near You!

CX Forums Executive Summit markets planned for 2022:


Since the pandemic hit in March 2020 and we had to distance socially, we’ve been busy planning for the return of safe, local, in-person Executive Summits. Rest assured, we are in touch with local market conditions and are planning for safe meetings that meet all local safety guidelines.

We’ve planned these events to be local so you won’t have to travel. We’re limiting the number of attendees to 150 ticketed delegates plus 50 speakers/sponsors so you can have meaningful interactions before, during and after each event.

Not ready yet to meet in-person? You can still participate virtually. All Executive Summits will be hybrid, meaning delegates may attend via livestream on the Whova event app which includes video networking, roundtable discussions, showcases, gaming, pre-/post conference virtual networking events and online workshops.

Want to know more about our safety precautions? Click here for more on COVID safety requirements at City Winery.


Session Format & Theme

Based on the TED Talk format, CX Forums Executive Summit speakers share short stories (15 minutes) of how they have applied CX fundamentals and new innovative CX strategies or technology tools to improve their customer experiences.

Think of your talk as being like a TED Talk – short and focused on one main topic with story telling that presents 1) a situation, 2) a need (tension) and 3) what you did to resolve the problem. We are seeking inspiration and knowledge that can be put to use by our audience. Here are videos from previous CX Talks events to give you an idea of what we are seeking: CX Talks Videos

2022’s theme is “Re-Emerging: What’s Next for CX?”

It’s time to come out of our cocoons and re-emerge into the world. The CX industry has been growing rapidly and maturing over the past decade. The past few years have challenged everyone’s resilience and creativity as we’ve come to terms with living with COVID.

We’ve all been adopting and adjusting our strategies and plans to accommodate constantly changing customer and employee needs. Now it’s time to share what we’ve learned.

What does the future hold for companies in designing customer experiences that impact their bottom line? Participate in a CX Forums Executive Summit to learn how you can re-emerge and thrive as a CX practitioner.

Speaker Proposal Guidelines

All speaker proposals must be submitted using the form below. 

  1. CX Forums features local customer experience practitioners who have first hand experience in creating CX programs and solving CX related problems. We do not hire professional speakers.
  2. You may submit more than one topic. Topics must be related to the following:
    • Customer, Employee, Human & User Experience
    • XM Experience Management
    • CX/UX Design
    • Product & Service Design
    • Environmental & Store Design
    • ROI/Business of CX
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • CX Related Technology & Tools (CDP, CRM)
    • CX Research and and Insights (VOC)
    • CX & Operational Metrics
    • Mystery Shopping & Service Audits
    • Customer Centric Culture
    • Journey Mapping
    • CX in the age of COVID
  3. Your topic title should be worded as it would be in a search on Google. e.g. “How to support employees working from home” “How to use a journey map to improve CX” etc.
  4. Speaker selection is guided by local market advisory boards. Speakers will be selected based on the following criteria
    • Relevance of topic to current CX challenges
    • Mix of large and small companies
    • Mix of demographics
    • Mix of experience in industry
    • Storytelling skills
  5. No selling or showcasing products/services is allowed at CX Forums events without a sponsorship. For info on sponsored speaking options, click here.
  6. All CX Forums talks are recorded for future viewing. Speakers will be required to sign a standard recording consent agreement.
  7. We encourage speakers to include a link to a video of a past speaking engagement. The video does not need to be the same topic you’re submitting. If you do not have a video, write n/a in the form.
  8. Select speaker candidates must have a zoom meeting with one of the organizers prior to being approved as a speaker.
  9. Due to the volume of proposals we receive, speaker candidates who are not selected may not be notified, however we keep all proposals on file to be considered for future events.

Local In-Person Executive Summits

  1. CX Forums Executive Summit talks are limited to 15 minutes. We suggest timing your talk to last no more than 12 minutes.
  2. Use no more than 10 slides. We encourage slides to have more images, and not too much text. Our attendees are more interested in your story telling than reading a bunch of text or deciphering graphs on slides.
  3. CX Forums Executive Summit speakers will receive one complimentary pass to the event and personalized discount codes to share.
  4. Speakers selected for CX Forums Executive Summits will be notified 2 months in advance of each event.

CX Forums Speaker Proposal Form