Safety Info


A majority of our local Executive Summits will be held in City Winery locations. City Winery is a music entertainment, food and winery venue that can accommodate 500+ attendees. To ensure safety and distancing guidelines are met, we will limit in-person attendance to 150. According to Dunbar’s Number, 150 also is the ideal number of people for optimal relationship building.

Only 100 in-person delegate passes will be available for purchase with another 50 complimentary passes reserved for speakers and sponsors. 150 is between 30-50% capacity for City Winery locations. 150 “online only” passes will be available for those who prefer to meet online.

City Winery Theater


Effective 8/2/21 all indoor guests of City Winery will need to provide proof of vaccination or show a negative Covid test within 72 hours, and wear masks while moving through indoor spaces.

From Michael Dorf, CEO+Founder, City Winery

“In these very challenging times of reopening, we are carefully balancing the safety of our customers, staff and performing artists with the issues of privacy and freedom which we in our democracy cherish. Our number one mission is to create a safe, comfortable, and ideal setting for our dining guests, our artists and those attending live performances of music, comedy, or any art on our stage. We care about the lighting, the air-conditioning, the sight-lines, the exits for egress, the fire suppression systems, the quality of the food, the service; everything that goes into making the customer experience as magical as possible. We want people to feel comfortable.
At this stage in the pandemic, with the Delta variant on the rise, the remarkable roll-out of vaccines, and the overwhelming numbers of our customers now fully inoculated against COVID-19, we can create an environment that is as safe as possible moving forward. Our recent July survey indicated that more than 75% of our patrons are already vaccinated. This is very good news.
Given this, our decision to move forward with creating an environment where we request that all patrons are vaccinated, and wear masks when moving indoors, will allow even more psychological comfort that our facility is as safe a place to be as possible. Of course, we respect that if a person does not want to get vaccinated for any reason, be it religious, health or other, they can get tested showing a negative result within 72 hours to gain admission. All guests are welcome on our outdoor patios, however masks will be required when entering the building.
We will be trying to make it as easy, seamless, and friction-free as possible. You may present a physical or smartphone copy of your vaccine card. In New York, we accept the Excelsior Pass. Hopefully, this temporary system will facilitate the end of this pandemic and horrible bit of history for our world. It has been devastating for so many, including us in the live performance world. Accommodating this policy, leaving all politics out of it, will allow artists to earn a living again, our staff to be employed, and the arts to have a place in our society again. Your cooperation will help us to not go back to limited capacity or worse, that tragic state of closing our facilities again.
Thank you,
Michael Dorf & City Winery”