Dana Moore Interview

Dana Moore, CX Design Lead, Cox Communications

Tell us a little about your background in CX. How did you get started in Customer Experience?
I started out in Advertising and in Marketing which ultimately led to Digital Design and UX. I have been focused on Human Centered Design and CX at Cox for the last 3 ½ years and continue to learn from some really great experts I get to work with.

How would you define Customer Experience?
Making every interaction someone has with your brand, your products, your service intentional.

What would you say is the biggest challenge in providing excellent customer experiences?
Clarifying intent and ensuring that the customer remains at the center of solutions from start to finish. Which should actually never be finished.

What advice would you give to professionals looking to get into the customer experience field? (e.g. Field of study, How do they get experience?)
Find a great teacher, mentor. Read a great book like Orchestrating Experiences.

What are some things that you feel will have the biggest impact on customer experiences in the next 5 years?
AI will have some really big impacts on customer experience in the next 5 years. Determining how to serve our customers across age and technology will continue to be a challenge.